Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome back pb3 pepoooooooo

PB3 peopleeeeeeeee who just came back from UK and AUST, WELCOME BACK!

Gathering! Class trip! Come come come :)
Planning in progress, dont ffk please.

I miss PB3, And i know all of you miss PB3 too. Maybe not all la, but at least a few rite? :,)

I'm Chenpeng.
Dont tell me you dont rmb who is chenpeng, i'll slap you. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



After days of polling, i guess its pretty obvious that majority prefer BBQ, well on the venue issue, any1 volunteering theirs? I dun mind volunteering mine cz i guess most know d way here? But again my place is slightly further for those at KL, so do let me know ASAP latest by TOMORROW, OH and any idea where 2 get MARINATED CHICKENS? Other foods like marshamallow crab sticks hotdogs etc shouldnt be a problem tho.

OOH and i will need help on the GROCERIES , so i am expecting ppl to help me on SHOPPING..*erhem* ooh and those having problems with place to stay, lemme know as well =)
We will have to know the number of ppl coming before proceeding to shopping so let us knw if uc an make it via chatbox,msn or sms. Thanks


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Confirmed Date For Gathering

Sup guys/gals!

Well after considering the comments and feedbacks, i think 28th Aug night would be the best time i suppose where it can accomodate all of us? So we will make it a reunion dinner after 6pm/7pm at 28th Aug which is a Friday night, those that wana have activities before night, of course u r free to do so.

So i guess it all comes to 'where?', so again u knw what to do, feedbacks as usual =)


Monday, August 17, 2009


Sup peeps!

LOL..i am glad i still remembered the username and pw xD. So how r u lots larr?! Just missed u awebunch of people haha..

Well I am well awared that most of you actually stepped the first step of adulthood by WORKING(some even does unpaid work,cmon we study law, lets knw our rights ppl, we deserve REASONABLE wages and lifts =x) HOWEVER find yourself a day off, with any lamee reasons or whatsoever..cause we OUGHT or well we WILL have a gathering maybe somewhere ard the last week of August?

Wages / Frenz more imp? u make the choice..psst some might be ur busi partners in d future, so naturally NETWORKING is darn just freaking abandon ur work =P

I am sure all of us want 2 catch up on old times, and to whom taht are flying soon, dis will be pretty much a farewell for all of you, so nuff said this is really truly undeniablely worth going.

Do let us knw when u wana have it and where..i heard soem wants gd food haha


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I miss everyone already :(

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mersing departure


Well i just confirmed the bookings for the ferry ride from Mersing to Tioman, we booked 230pm ferry for 17 person, they will be dropping us of at 'Tekek Jetty'(nt sure if i spell it right tho =x),where from there Berjaya authorities will meet up us and 'deliver' us to Berjaya Hotel.

By the way, the prom tickets are still with me, those that are going, do lemme know if u reached shagrila ya :)


Friday, June 12, 2009

Tioman Trip UPDATE

Sup peeps!

Walaa there goes our 1 and half year of A levels ! So whats the next happening?? Our class trip of course!!

Apparently there's some complication due to Transnational part of negligence, in the website they clearly stated it take us 3hours to be there (KL-Mersing) HOWEVER its in fact staggering 6hours of journey, believing it was 3hrs we were induced to take on the bus at 9am, where we intenmd 2 board a 230pm ferry. With the real time of 6 hours, we can only be there by 3pm which means we will miss the ferry.

HOWEVER, thanks to the amazing me and my negotiation skill =P we manage to arrange a bus ride in advance at 8am, that will enable us to be there at 2pm. Therefore ALL must be at the bus station before 8 where we will be leaving approximately at 8am, u dont wnat to miss the ship....

AND by the way..the bus are only EXCLUSIVELY catered forthe 17 of us..aint it awesome ? =DD